12 March, 2009

Do It Yourself - PC Repair



We’ll help you learn about computer repair and how you can do the repair yourself. With the information provided you will be able to repair your pc, build a pc from scratch, optimize your system to make it run faster, or hide your pc from hackers!



10 March, 2009

Resume For Computer Carrers



Resumes for Computer Careers (Professional Resumes Series)
McGraw-Hill | 2008 | ISBN: 0071493204 | 161 pages | PDF | 1.02 MB


24 September, 2008

Antioxidant and Aromatic Medical Plant


Since time immemorial man has been using plant extracts to protect himself against several diseases and also to improve his health and life-style. No doubt, plants are serving several purposes whether health, nutrition, beauty or medicinal. With the development in techniques and recent researches, it has been proved that certain non-nutritive chemicals in plants such as terpenoids and flavonoids which were earlier thought to be of no importance to human diet, possess antioxidant properties.
The plants are susceptible to damage caused by active oxygen and thus develop numerous antioxidant defense system resulting in formation of numerous potent antioxidants. Many aromatic, medicinal and spice plants contain compounds that possess confirmed strong antioxidative components. The essential oils derived from aromatic plants not only serve as fragrance and flavour agents but also as dietary antioxidant expected to prevent several diseases caused by free radicals.
The essential oils are the secondary metabolites of the aromatic plants which include  the fragrant material extracted from the root, bark, wood, seed, fruit, leaf or flower of a single plant. Essential oils are extracted from the plants by various methods such as distillation (steam distillation, hydro distillation or hydro-steam distillation), mechanical compression, expression or solvent extraction etc. due to their volatile nature. These oils are very potent containing the odour, taste, and medicinal properties of the plant in concentrated form. The therapeutic properties of essential oils are utilized in massage, inhalation, diffusers, fresheners etc. The recent researches have also proved that these can also be used as antioxidants in order to protect our body from various disastrous and chronic diseases, like cancer, arthritis, common cold cough, cataracts etc. which weaken the immune system of the body.
This article aims to focus on aromatic and medicinal plant molecules used as antioxidants and their behaviour to prevent the different disorders on human health and life style.


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16 September, 2008

The Shy Man's Guide to Relationships

HOW-2 Meet Women. The Shy Man's Guide to Relationships
This e-text book, deals with most aspects of meeting and relating to women from a shy man's perspective, with a special emphasis on developing social skills. Topics covered include conversation, speaking on the telephone, dealing with loneliness, nervousness, rejection, flirting, writing love letters, writing and answering personal ads, parties, the first date, and traps and pitfalls. Complete with real life examples, a troubleshooting guide, an F.A.Q., and even a self-test and a study guide.



30 August, 2008

Me, MySpace and I


Author: Larry D. Rosen
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Number Of Pages: 272
PDF: 1.47 MB
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0230600034
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780230600034

Young people spend hours online each day online, and their abilities to multitask and communicate are often misunderstood by older generations. Dr. Larry Rosen offers a full overview of the various issues young people may experience in their online worlds (cyberbullying, addiction, sexuality, virtual friendships, and more) while at the same time challenging commonly held beliefs that these communities are damaging. Instead of using scare tactics, the book shows parents how to be proactive and anticipate potential problems. With his extensive background in both child development and the impact of technology, Dr. Rosen uses down-to-earth explanations of sound psychological theory, incorporates groundbreaking research, and shows parents and educators how social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook can improve adolescent socialization skills.

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29 August, 2008

Sensuality Secret


88 pages | PDF | 6,9 MB

As understood from it's title it teaches you great tips and tricks along with pictures to seduce your lover.

All you need is the desire to capture the attention of someone special.In just a few minutes, my sensuality secrets will have you working the room until you have whomever you please right in the palm of your hand!And it all starts on the outside, meaning that you simply practice the moves until they become second nature, truly inherent to your female essence.Whereas most of a person’s assets radiate from the inside out, sensuality can be learned from the outside in! You will start feeling more sensuous within because of the simple moves I will teach you to master. Sensuality is not a gift you are born with, so I’m about to share with you all the tools you’ll need to create the subliminal power to seduce, charm and sway people in your direction. Use it for good to bring positive change into your life and to those around you. Whether you’re single or partnered, younger or older, you will leave them wondering, “What is that special something she has?” These secrets will show you everything you need to know – from at home preparations to how-to instructions for the most powerful sensual movements – to find the sensuality within yourself and to radiate it from head to toe whenever you’re out and about. The moment you walk out of the house, you’re being assessed. I want you to feel confident knowing that. Keep the secrets handy on your laptop or hand-held device to read or refer to whenever you travel. Revisit the warm-ups and secrets before going out or whenever your sensual side needs a boost. In time, the moves will start occurring naturally, but it can help to refresh your mind with an occasional rereading. It’s time to get used to capturing someone’s attention. When you make the most of that power, your life will be changed forever.
Let’s begin!


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28 August, 2008

Over the Edge 101 Sex Jokes & Comix


Over the Edge 101 Sex Jokes & Comix | PDF | 4.51 MB

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by TemplatesForYouTFY